Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Flat Classroom: Connecting Students Globally


Students interact and learn with students in other classrooms  across the world, using technology to connect students.


A great way of extending the platform of students’ voice is to connect classrooms across the world. Establishing an online presence for your class and interacting with other classrooms can allow students not only to extend the reach of their voice, but also to expand their understanding through the different perspectives of other classrooms.


I did this in my class while studying informational writing. We worked with a school in rural Virginia in the United States, asking questions and sharing information about ourselves, our school, and our daily life back and forth. Being city kids living in the humidity and noise of Ho Chi Minh City, my students were amazed at their partner school’s situation in the middle of a cow field and their week off due to snow!

During the course of the project, my students composed an informational writing comparing themselves with their partner class, using student interviews and the school’s website and social media feeds as sources. Finally, they filmed videos sharing what they had learned and sent these videos to their U.S. partners. Here is an interview of me and some of my students, recorded right after the project had finished:


Networking with Other Classrooms

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